Good times start with Mokoji

product detail

  • Serving Size: 375 mL
  • 8% Alcohol
  • 24 per Case of 6×4 Pack


Mokoji is a modern take on Cheongju, a traditional Korean liquor made by fermenting 100% domestically grown rice, nuruk (a fermentation starter), and water. Originally reserved for special occasions and specific locations, Mokoji’s stylish product design and various marketing efforts have made it more accessible, allowing it to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

Cheongju’s five distinct flavors Gab (sweet), San (tart), Shin (sour), Sap (bitter), and Go (pungent) come together to create a unique and subtle taste, but Mokoji takes it a step further by controlling the yeast and mold used in the fermentation process, resulting in a tangy flavor that complements Korea’s spicy and bold cuisine. Mokoji’s clean taste is versatile, pairing well with all types of cuisine. When this mold is heated, it alters the taste of the Mokoji, resulting in its distinctive flavor. For maximum enjoyment, it is recommended to serve Mokoji chilled.

To take Mokoji to the next level, peach and lemon flavors have been infused into the traditional Korean liquor, providing a modern twist and elevating the taste. The resulting drink is a refreshing and delicious beverage that can be enjoyed on its own or paired with a wide range of dishes, making it even more accessible and enjoyable for all.

our story

How We Started

Once upon a time, two Korean men named Kevin and Richard lived in Australia for more than 30 years. They noticed that while the traditional Korean alcoholic beverage, Soju, was gaining popularity, it was still not quite fitting in with the local culture. Australians preferred to drink in outdoor settings, and the flat taste and strict method of drinking Soju in a shot glass made it unappealing.

Determined to bring Korean culture closer to Australia, Kevin and Richard decided to create a new beverage that would appeal to the locals. They worked tirelessly together, experimenting with different ingredients and methods until they finally created Mokoji, a carbonated alcoholic beverage made with a blend of peach and lemon flavors. The name Mokoji, meaning “good times together” in ancient Korean, perfectly embodied their vision for the product.

Kevin and Richard packaged Mokoji in a convenient can, making it easy for Australians to take it to the beach or any outdoor setting. They were confident that Mokoji would be a hit, but they faced many challenges along the way. Finding the right suppliers, navigating the complexities of the alcoholic beverage industry, and convincing stores to carry their product were just some of the obstacles they faced.

Despite these challenges, Kevin and Richard never gave up. They devoted themselves to the distribution of Mokoji and worked tirelessly to spread the word about their new creation. Slowly but surely, they began to see their hard work pay off. Mokoji became increasingly popular and was well received by the locals, who appreciated its unique blend of flavors and convenient packaging.

As Mokoji continued to grow, Kevin and Richard realized that they had found a need in the market. Australians were looking for a new and exciting alcoholic beverage, and they were determined to provide it to them. They continued to work hard, always striving to improve their product and bring Korean culture to the world. And so, Mokoji became a beloved part of the Australian landscape, a symbol of Kevin and Richard’s hard work and devotion to their passion for creating a product that would bring people together and create “good times.”